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Clear light lens covers


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If someone wanted to switch all their light lens cover to clear ones, are there any clear covers that are interchangeable?


maybe side markers from a rabbit or vw GTI or something?


or does someone make clear covers?

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Clear front turn signals can be found on eBay.

Stock clear side markers from Datsunrestore.

No rear tail lights that I've seen are clear. As for finding a clear side marker from another car, nothing is the same fit as stock but many are close enough. Just pick one you want and install it.

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The only problem I had with the clear side markers everyone was selling is that all they have is the little circles in the center, leaving everything else completely flat (ie: No waffle pattern effect), so I had Klearz make me some of these:




I think they turned out pretty good, and at the time the whole set of 4 only cost me $60 bucks (w/ a group buy of 5 or more). But them MSA swooped in, and made Klearz their exclusive clear lens maker, and they said they couldn't sell to the public anymore. BUT if you really like the markers I have, I bet you can get them to make you a set, as MSA still just sells the clear ones with the circles.


If enough people got together (5+) I bet we could have them make clear 620 tails for about $50-100 per set.

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