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Following in the footsteps of my big brother...

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So about 20 years ago, my brother had a 620 (albeit a KC), he put SO much work into it... we went on many trips in it. I have SO many good memories with that truck. My brother was my inspiration growing up, I idolized him as a kid. He got me into Datsuns, he helped me get my first and second 510 almost 10 years after selling his 620. I still have love for 510s, but always had a soft spot in my heart for a 620... so after owning the 74 Corolla for a while... and just feeling empty and not knowing why, I decided it was time for a Datsun pickup. At first I planned on buying a 521... and I even found one in better shape than my 620 for less money, but when I saw this 620 for sale it triggered all those good feelings as a kid in me. ( I saw top gun at the drive-in in the back of my brothers old truck :D ) So I snatched it up... Well I forgot to take pics of it before, but heres some from the ad;





It looks better in the pics than it did in person... :blink:


Since I have had it in the last month, I replace on of the broken rear lenses, removed the dash carpeting to find the gauge broken into about 20 pieces and replaced that, the dash was cracked and warped all to hell so I bought a dash cap and installed that, lowered the front (rear blocks are on the fedex truck right now), "simplified" the wiring and added an H4 harness (H4s to come later), I installed the headlight guards ( I have just always had a thing for them), I pounded the front bumper and lower valance as straight as I could with my 2.5lb sledge, the paint was an "accident" but it looks "better"... I have done more but can't remember right now... SO you have seen these pics already... at least some of you, so here goes.







BUT WAIT! Theres more... :lol:

Yesterday I found someone with some rims to put on the wifes G20, they are 18" BBS licensed to ASA.



So what does this have to do with my truck? WEEELL, the tires were too big for her car... and instead of shelling out another $500+ in tires just to fit them I will find her another set later... AND I traded them for some of the 6 spoke 18" Titan rims for the truck instead. I have gotten a few compliments but I don't like them... OH WELL!! :fu:

Here you go...





HAHA, just kidding.






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OK time to: install 620 hub caps, remove rear bumper & lower the rear:D JK man..i just noticed the chrome 720 mirror, nice touch keepin it in the family:cool:


I am actually keeping the rear bumper... it was put on the truck when it was new (both the truck and the bumper), and my brother had almost the same one on his truck :D (lets says this is kinda like a tribute to him). I am just waiting on the blocks to show up to lower the rear, I still want to be able to haul some stuff and use it as a truck until I get another one, then I'll decide what to do. I really like the 2 link bag setup on your truck, I love the simplicity and functionality... it just works and isn't over complicated (as many are these days). As for the 720 mirror, its better looking and more functuinal than the aftermarket ones that were on it before.


Once it finishes its last couple years (maybe less) as a work truck, lots of changes are in order... but I won't talk about them till they are underway.

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I appreciate the compliments... it really is a beater though :D I will redo the paint and do the body work when time and space allows.


I didn't do the machining on the wheels, the guy I got them from had them done at a local machine shop for $40 and its pretty clean work.


The lights are from Thailand... brand new. You can find them on datsunrestore.com or ebay... don't know where else. The taillights will require some significant wiring changes to work properly on my truck, the outside (turnsignal lights) come on with the brakes, and the middle lights (the secondary filament) comes on with the turn signals... I will be attempting to figure this situation out soon. The front lights were easy to make work, very minor wiring changes.... the lights for some reason did not work properly with the black (ground) wire connected, so I simply cut it and all is well. (both the front and rear lights wire in to your old plugs due to the wiring change over the years from a square plug to a round plug)

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I too thought about buying a 521. I decided to stay with the 620's tho. They just look bad-ass! I am really liking yours. Not to keen on the color but you can always change that. Titans look good. Do the ride nice? Rub at all? Cant wait to see the lenses on.:cool: Keep the pics coming


Oh yeah, It was cool meeting you @ Karl's Jr.

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Ok guys heres a little update, the euro light have been on for awhile and I love them... but I just scored a great deal on a pair of the BMW ellipsoid headlights... for anyone thinking of doing the bimmer headlight mod heres a fore warning; Get yourself an extra pair of headlight brackets and buckets.


Here is the old setup... poor visibility at night, I had to run the high beams all the time.



Heres the headlight bracket and the yellow is how much I HAD to cut to get the ellipsoids to fit. I forgot to take a pic of the buckets, but I'll tell you, you have to cut it in half to get the ellipsoids to drop all the way in... I also forgot to take a pic of the mods to the lights themselves but its really simple, you just cut of the all the "EARS"... but who cares, the lights are for "seein" not ""hearin" :lol:



theres the lights mounted up... then all back together also showing the euros.. enjoy! Thanks again for your interest. :thumbsup:




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did you re-wire those tail lights yet?


Here's an idea.

Keep the running light wires in place on the red lense bulb.

run the brake lights manuall off the brake switch on the pedal to the red bulb's larger filament.

Split off your front turn signal wire and run it to the back orange bulbs. :)


also, I had tried to find those BMW headlights for a long time. They're always taken when I see the proper year cars in a yard.

Did you buy those on eBay?

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yeah i am curious to how you wired the tail lights as well. i want a set of those lights and figured i would have to rewire them also. please post a how to on the subject. PLEASE???!!!!


i would also like to say DAMN! that is one nice truck!

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I didn't rewire the lights yet... saving that for when I do the motor swap... but I am willing to bet it may even be simpler yet, I figure its wired the way everything else is on a datsun and just has a lead somewhere between the taillights and the cab that crosses over from the turn wire to the stop wire. If you are still looking for some bleach there are another good pair at the yard I am working at... I scored them for $100 for the pair with pigtails, but thats with my "employee" discount, these things are definately getting harder to find in good shape all the ones I found previous to working here were all busted on at least one side.

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ok, so its been awhile, I actully did this mod a couple weeks ago, but here it is for you to "enjoy".


I have always been a fan of the old RAT FINK drawings... "big daddy roth"?? I hope you guys are following here, ( http://www.sphinxproductions.com/media/ratfink/monster.jpg thats exactly how I look driving the 620 :lol: j/k ) anyway heres what I did.




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