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210 Re-manufactured Carb Running Rich-No Change with Idle Mixture Screw


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So I put a re-manufactured carburetor from National Carburetors/Foreign Carburetors on my 81 210 recently, car seemed to be running great at first but needed some adjustment. Haven't been able to lean it out at all; right now it's running very rich, blackened spark plugs, smells horrid, starts right up but idles rough especially for first few minutes, poor gas mileage, black gunk out of the tailpipe. Biggest symptom is the fact that I can turn the idle mixture screw in and out all the way with no change and to no effect on the engine. Doesn't seem to be a visual excess of fuel dumping down the carb. No vacuum leaks, choke seems to be functioning normally, float level looks good, brand new fuel filter and air filter before I fired it up the first time with this new carb. Only other notable thing is that I put my old anti-dieseling solenoid on the new carburetor because the new solenoid that came with it had a single rounded electrical connector instead of the two flat type connectors that are on the wiring harness and old solenoid, so I suppose there is a possibility that the old solenoid isn't functioning, but I don't feel like that would contribute to the engine running so rich, plus there is no problem at idle cut off or with run on when I turn the car off. Looking at the service manual I'm thinking air bleeds possible? Just hoping for a best course of action and where to start first on this issue, thanks.

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should return where you bought it...

Most likely my next course of action with this


Take air filter top off when it's warmed up. Is the choke plate closed or part closed? Likely the coke heater isn't wired up or faulty.

Choke is open after the engine warms up, seems to be functioning correctly as far as I can tell.

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