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stock carb's between years


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Alright so my question is:


I have an 85 pickup; with the electronic feedback carb.


there is a wrecked 80 truck in the yard by me with 45k original miles.... yes this is a z22 not a z24 motor.


now it does have an egr and all that stuff but would the carb work on my z24?  i dont have to worry about emissions and all that jazz.


would there be anything else i would need?


sorry i tried searching for this topic but didnt find any quality info.




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Bolt pattern for the feedback carb is slightly different, one of the bolts is offset from what I remember.  So you'd need the intake manifold, which unfortunately isn't the same port design (though it will work).  1983s with the Z24 used a non-feedback carb, and maybe the right bolt pattern for the earlier non-feedback carb.

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There are no electronics with the much earlier Z22 motor and carb.


Might be easier to get an earlier '83-'84 carb an manifold that did not have the feedback carb. There would still be some differences anyway. For one the earlier carb would only need the idle cut solenoid and the choke heater wires. The one you have has 4-5 wires including them.

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