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1969 Datsun 510 wagon $3700

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There has been a never ending discussion on the Bluebird List about engine swaps with a good number thinking only an L series was the right engine. Over time any engine other than an L series has become known as a "wrong engine".


Well I've alway played Devil's advocate on the "wrong engine" topic saying that folks shouldn't be so harsh on those that wanted a period engine, but I'll have to eat my words on this one.


"Please, may I have another slice of crow with that,"

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This is the same goon that racerx linked to in the CL thread not too long ago. At that time it was in the parts section and said it was being parted. The guy either changed his mind or someone else bought the whole thing and is trying to flip it.


Or someone is just toying with us and the 'Leno effect'...

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