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another b210 idle problem

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Well, here we go with another b210 iddle problem on my 78. My problem seems to be reletivly close to all the others on this sight.bare with me im not the best at this stuff I have read and read and read and I am sill lost. this is my first time trying to figure out a carborator and im trying to learn  also sorry if some of this is repetetive to any of the other forms on here im doing my best :)My car back fires and seems to come out the exaust not the intake but i could be wrong. When I bought the car it ran just fine all the way from Provo to Layton (50 miles); Not one problem until i got home and tried to take the car out the next day . The guy I bought it from said he rebuilt the carborator and did new lifters due to a bent one who knows if he did them all and if he evn did it right in the first place.  The difference from all the forms I have read is it does idle rough.  But it is when you push on the gas peddle it tries to shut down unless its all the way down to the floor.  Then it will idle hard and backfire.theres kind of a glitchy spot in the throtle. The backfiring seemed to start once i got a new bearing for the smog pully and replaced the belt. (The previeous one snaped at one point becuse of the bearing) but i know the smog pump was not coneccted when it ran good in the first place


Things i have tested:

  • compretion
  1. 125
  2. 120
  3. 119
  4. 120

witch seams terribly low? compaired to the form i read on here

  • the float level was on the dot
  • the fuel jet line down in the carb sprays a sold line when pulling the throttle
  • the idle silenoid has twelve volts. not sure how to test the silenoid tho?
  • cap and rotor look brand new
  •  all spark plug gap are at .042  but seem alittle black
  • replaces mostaly all the vacume lines any of the ones that looked even remotly loose

 any suggestions on what to check next?  do you guys think its needs a vaulve adjustment maby even an overhaul or rebuild ?like i said im just barely diveing into the hole cars thing im not the best at this so anything helps even if its pointing me to another form on here.

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allright well after reading another form i tested the vacume advance.  the rotar dosent turn when sucking in on the vacume line  so my next qustion is can you just buy the vacume advance and have it work ok with my distributer or is it recomended to buy the hole thing new as a set

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