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racing wheels

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I know you have seen this question a 100 times but i searched and did not come up with a consice answer


I have a 1970 race 510 that is new to me and is a mish mash  of parts so am trying to get a bunch of stuff figgered out  

the wheels that came with th car are 13x7 x 4 in backspace libras with 230 55 R 13 rubber the tires seem to be to wide for the 7 in rims and i do not like the sleved nuts these wheels run so want to get new wheels the car is flaired and the front has been opened up in the foot well area the wheels i am looking at are 13x8x4in backspace tires will be 225 45 13 toyo r888.

Now the problem i have to special order the wheels and they will be non returnable so i have to get this rite the first time has any one run a simler set up to this or if not what will work on this car

Thank You


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Not sure if the group you race with has a rule restricting you on width, but most racecar 510's are rule limited to a 7" rim.


The 225/45-13 Toyo R888 works on a 7" rim.


If you go to the 13x8 with a 4" backspace it moves the face of the rim outward by 1". Do you have an extra 1" of fender clearance? That would be the desiding factor on those wheels workng


I have a 1200 that I run 205/60-13 RA1R Toyos on. It has 13x7 +0 (4" BS) VTO Retro 4 wheels on it. The VTO wheels use a conical lug nut with a steel seat inserted into the wheel.


There are pictures of the car on my website



Here is a comparison between an original Libre and a VTO Retro 4



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Hi Dave

Thanks for responding it looks like i have lots of clearance but with srut suspension its hard to check clearance thru the full range of the wheels travel i have to buy new wheels so want to get the best wheel tire set up and the 225 will be a lot better fit on the 8 in wheel as far as i can tell the overall width of the 225 is 8.8 in so on a 8 in wheel it should be about perfect. Tha Libras i have are a unilug type set up that i dont like.


Do you work at Futo Fab?? I am looking for TC rods and ajust lower arms and had looked at yours as well as some others maybe you can pm me prices shipped to V2K-2B8 in Canada



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