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6/70 build date 240z in N.C. RUSTY! part out $300

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So for the whole car as it sits, minus the interior parts I'll take for my other car.. I dunno ... $300?


It's really crusher material, currently worth about $200 if I load it on my trailer and bring it 9 miles south to the recylecers, but complete and if somebody wants, for instance, the hatch with vertical defroster glass, or the headlight buckets, or the struts or diff, or 4-speed, or doors or other glass or trim...it may be worth it.  Early SU's?  They're a $75 credit as cores with Z therapy, at the very least.


Will consider part-out but don't really wish to $10 here $20 there, so please let me know if you need a few parts.


I don't plan to crush anytime soon, but once I pull the interior out and put it in my other z, it's day's will be marked....


pm me for email and I can send pics of any parts.

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