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tail gate chains questions.


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Are they really that rare?

What are they worth?

I have a pair on my truck and i know of maybe two or even three other sets.

Pm me offers. And ill prolley let go of my pair the plastic is gone on mine. ill post a pic tommorow.

I know i shouldnt post this up on here but its 521 specific.

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You can replace the plastic and rehab the chains.  There's a thread here somewhere showing that.  You can replace the chains with small wire cable and make it a little tougher to steal the tail gate (cut the cable versus unhooking the chain).

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521s aren't that easy to steal the tailgates anyway.  Chain vs cable isn't the hard part, getting the hinges apart (they don't unbolt like 620s do) requires a drift and a hammer.  Ain't getting a 521 tailgate off quietly.


I don't see what's so special about 521 chains.  It's just a narrow-link chain with flat steel hooks.  At least they are on my 520.  I've seen folks make them out of (old school) tire chains.

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The OEM chains are for the purists or the serious collectors. Once in a while dumb asses like me.


We all know they are just chain and stamped hooks with a plastic sheath.

They fall off and disappear on the freeway.

Cannot match a chain and threaded coupler on any Sunday.

Scratch, rattle and make noise if there's no plastic.

Are easy to steal. In fact, likely the easiest thing to steal on the truck period.

Look, hella, hecka, mucho cool when a bunch of Datto heads get together.


Morale of this story, if you run OEM chains, secure the truck hook by cable or zip tie so it doesn't find some bushes or a new home that your not in.

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I have a pair on my truck. they drive me nuts. Akways falling and shit. But i was thinking of using some rubber coated cable like what they use for dog chains with some dog bolts and sell these oem chains i have. Then go fetch the chains on the ones i know of to sell.

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Among my spare parts are tailgate chains.  One pair (left) have a hole in one hook and long links. One pair (right) have no hole and short links.


Does anyone know the model year(s) the variations were applicable to?



Chain 4.jpeg

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my 71 521 has the chains / long links with the hole in the hook. 


checked the 69 521 parts truck, it has the chains with no hole, long links. Hope this info helps.

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