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2 wire alternator help


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can you show us a photo?

oh and before anyone else tells you, and they will/wouldve, there are multiple threads about this.

in the meanwhile google "ratsun alternator" and review those threads and what people did.

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Sorry for taking so long. Busy week.

Here are some pics of what I have and what I want to install.

I already got the bigger bracket off an A15. Now I just need to figure out the wiring.





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First it isn't what I would call a two wire alternator. There is the two wire plug and the large power output cable. Ground return is through the case and mounting bolts though I think it may be the black wire behind the plug?


You will need to disconnect the external regulator on your B-210. What I did on my 710 was cut the wires off the regulator leaving them long. I don't have any wiring diagrams for the B-210 but it likely has the same wire colors as other Datsuns. The plugs can be round or rectangle. You have to bare and join the Yellow and the White wires then the White/Black strip to the White/Red strip wire together. Solder and shrink wrap them. The left over wires you can remove or cut short.






Now you have a neat little plug for the harness that adds the proper jumper wires to the charging system to convert over for use with an internal regulated alternator.


One last thing. When you connect this plug you will likely hear the auto choke relay click. Follow the sound to locate it. Unfortunately you will have to unplug it as it will now stay on at all times and over a day or so run your battery down.


On the carb, find the choke heater wire (usually Blue) and connect it to any ignition switched source. What I did was just connect it to the idle cut solenoid right beside it (usually a Red wire) This will turn the choke heater on with the key, battery stays charged.



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