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78 Toyota Corona PRISTINE Grannie car one owner

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Yeah, so first off not my car............



But dont flag this ad!  I just had to get this out there. The car deserves a good home.



So story........



I did a job at this Hispanic ladys house. Open the garage and there sits a PRISTINE bamboo colored 78 4dr corona crown.  This thing is bone stock..........MINT.  


Paint needs a buff but thats it.


Dash, seats, EVERYTHING looks perfect.



She says yeah its for sale. So I say whats the deal?



It was her 96 year old mothers car. Never drove it. Same old story, drove it to the Store and back yadda yadda.  Said she used to cover it with towels in the garage.  lol


Super low miles.



Only snapped one spy pic but if anyone's interested I can get her phone number. Pm me.  It's hidden in Marysville,wa..........if I was smart I'd buy it.   Not sure on pricing but sounds like it has to go.



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Front looks different color because it has that transparent chip protector on it. After buff and wax I'm sure it would match again.  It would all look like the darker color. Wish I got more pics but it was such a tiny garage.



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Love them wagons..had a 75 Celica with 20r engine (2.2 L).  Have you tried posting on 1stgencelica or classiccelica sites. I would be interested but Cali. smog laws are very strict 75 and below is what I look for.

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Her name is Anna Mary..............or mary anna....................cant remember which......probly the first.........anywhoo heres her number.









It's a automatic on the tree btw. Forgot that in orig post.




Really is a clean car. All the chrome is perfect. Quick buff n wax it'll look new.        DANG if I was single, had a bigger garage, and more time id be all over it.  :p

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When I bought my b210 it had stock tires lol it only showed 25k miles and interior was perfect.. Except for seriously 2 vacuum loads of cat hair :P haha it was an estate sale find gotta love time capsules like that. He should get more pictures up.. Unless he already has anyways

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