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mounted the step side, need advice (pic)


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So I mounted the step side and the rear axle needs to be scooted forward like an inch or two.


I'm curious how much modification this will take?

Like, will I need to re-locate the shocks or switch to a one-piece driveshaft or anything crazy?

Those are my two big concerns... well, those and whether or not there's enough room in the trans to scoot the rear-axle forward enough...


Anyways, here's the two pics I have:



And I'm keeping the 620 taillights:


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Can you live with a little more gap between the cab and the box?

I have an inch, maybe slightly more depending on where you measure.

It would be best to adjust everything you can before messing with the axle, as you said, then the driveline length comes into play.


I never really noticed before, but my axle is to far forward on this side, it's centered on the other side.

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I was wondering that since your bed was on a Chevy LUV if that had something to do with the fit.

Mine is an older bed with the separate steel steps. It was off of a Courier.

I had to carefully cut the mounting channels off the bottom of the bed. None of them were in the right place.

And the only way my wheel wells are going to look even is to mount the bed with the front channel right under the front of the bed. 

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