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521 Parts!

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I have two 521 dash pads, one in pretty bad shape with pieces of padding missing and some metal with surface rust, and the other is in decent shape with cracks and is a bit dusty. I also have one actual dash to go with whichever dash pad and the internal wiring harness for switches, speedo, etc. I'm pretty sure I also have some switches, hardware to hold everything in place, and some other things I am forgetting. I am also in the process of taking the fan/heater box out if anyone is interested in that, also have two underdash vent tubing for it; one is good shape and the other has broken corners where the screws would go through. I will post pics as soon as I put everything together. 

Dashpad with cracks - $100
Dashpad in bad shape - $70

Full dashboard with pad - $150 ($180 with wiring harness)

Wiring Harness alone - $50
Switches - $5/switch
Heater/Fan Box with vent tubing- $65
Located in Phoenix, AZ

As I said above, I will post pictures once I put everything together or PM me with phone number if you want picture messages. It will be a little hard for me to post pictures since I am away for college, but will try to get 'em up ASAP!

Thanks guys!
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