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WTT/WTS - Trade my Z car(s) for your truck?

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I found a pickup that might be perfect for me, but the owner prefers cash... so now I'm also accepting cash offers in addition to trade offers.  Thanks!



240z and extra hatch are sold, 280z and extra engine/tranny are still available.  More pics of car and receipts added below!



I have one, maybe two Z projects that I'd like to clear out of my garage.  I bought a '78 280z with a semi-built engine, planning to use the engine and interior in my 240z project.  It's an automatic, so I also bought an extra engine and tranny with odometer statement, planning to use the 5-speed.  I figured I'd stick the extra engine in the 280z, sell it, and throw that $$$ into my 240z project.


I'm not skilled enough to do all this myself, so I was relying on friends to help me with the swap.  Many scheduling difficulties later, my time and money ran out, so I put both projects on the back burner, and into storage in a garage.  We bolted the original engine back in to the 280z for transport/storage, and all the parts are there (plus a new clutch kit etc), but everything needs to be hooked back together.


I need a running truck right now more than I need two projects, though, so even though it breaks my heart to part with these projects... at least one of them has to go.  I'd like to trade the '78 280z, plus the extra engine and 5-speed, clutch kit and extra parts, for a beat-up D.D. pickup truck.



Here's what I'm looking for--


-a running, daily-driver or close to it, 620, 520, or 521


-dents, rust, mis-matched or faded paint, etc is fine


-king cab is a plus, wagons considered as long as daily-driver-status




If your truck is really nice, I might consider throwing in my '71 240z shell, but I'd rather just trade straight across for a beat-up but dependable truck that needs some (cosmetic) loving affection.



The rules say "must have price", so... $1600 for the 280z, $400 for the engine and 5-speed?

-Again, I would like to TRADE for a truck, just following the rules.


Situation has changed--- now also accepting cash offers in addition to trade offers


-car is in Federal Way, Wa.





















Apologies for the tiny pictures... they're from the guy I bought it from.  Both cars are currently blocked in in a dark garage... as soon as I get the other project vehicles out of the driveway, I'll see if I can roll them out and take better pictures.


The 280z is the purple one, the 240z is the yellow one.


The 280z has a complete original interior, in excellent condition.  The interior and strong engine were the two reasons I bought it.  It does have rust in the usual places (battery tray, firewall, etc) but you have to look from the engine bay to see it- the paint is in really good shape. 


The 240z is rust-free, and the engine bay has been reinforced in anticipation of a performance build.  It is a rolling shell, with adjustable coilovers, working brakes, steering etc.



I also have an extra hatch, and boxes of extra parts for both projects.  Please take as much as you can load up on your trailer, and give me your truck in return!



...and just for the record, I will always drive Z cars, I'm definitely not through with 'em... just have way too many projects, and I'm losing my storage.  I would like to send one or both of these projects to a good home.


Thanks again!

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Where are you at? Mobile viewing....

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Um... Me likes those rims... :-) the meshies...

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...there's actually only two of them now.  They came with the car.  They were actually supposed to be temporary, to roll/transport the car while they did the engine swap... but then the project got put on hold, and I lost contact with the guy who was helping, he was a friend of the guy who sold me the 240z...



Right now, though, I really need a running truck... someone please give one or both of these projects a good home!

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Well, I think I found a truck that would be perfect for me... he's considering a trade, but would prefer cash.  Anyone want to give me some cash for my Z car(s) and extras?


Help me scoop up this sweet kc I have my eye on, fellow ratsuners!  ...and give one or both of these cars a good home!

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my dad has a 75 620 with a 5 speed and fresh motor, ill be done with the build in a week or so 

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I looked through the build thread for your '75, Eagle Adam--  you really put a lot of time and effort into fixing up that truck!

I'm surprised that you'd be getting rid of it right away, after so much work... wasn't it gonna be your dad's DD?


I'm definitely interested, though.  Let me know how the build goes!  (I'll probably be following your thread also...)


I do have my eye on one particular kc... but he prefers cash, so if I can't scoop that one up, your truck is first on my list.

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in the end its just a datsun and i can build another, my dads been a Z car guy at heart for a while. The point of getting him a datsun was so he could DD something other than his 67 mustang. 



Ill bring it up to him and see if hes up for the trade! 

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The 240z and the extra hatch are sold! 


The 280z is still available, along with the extra engine and transmission.




Here's some better quality pics---
























There's a bunch of stuff that comes along with that isn't pictured, like all the fuel injection stuff, various hoses, belts, engine parts, and the clutch kit etc...


I tried to show the rust in the battery tray area as best I could.

The receipt from Bill's Datsun Shoppe shows the work that was done to the engine in the 280z.  I took it by the shop, and Bill said he remembered the car, and basically told me to buy it.

The odometer disclosure form is for the extra engine and 5-speed tranny, they're from a '79 280zx (obviously).


This car needs to be put back together, and she needs some TLC, but with a little love she could be an awesome daily driver. 

The paint and interior are in great shape, and the engine pulled strong when I drove her.



Someone please give me your truck and/or some cash, and breathe some life back into this beautiful Z!!!

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my dad doesnt want something that "low" for a DD..... -.-



how much you want for the 280?

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