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1971 series one Datsun 240z, SoCal

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The time has come for me to move on to another car so up for sale my z goes!


I have had this car for about 2 years now, i bought it as a non runner with no interior and parts labeled in baggies.

This car had a bunch of electrical problems from a previous owner splicing new wires every which way, but its all back to stock and it all works as it should.

It starts up and runs fine, once it warms up.  THe SU's could use some fine tuning and a rebuild but it drives fine.


Parts List:


4 speed Tranny
Roundtop SU carbs
Pertronix Electronic Ignition
6-2 header
new ngk plugs and wires
k&n filter
straight pipe to magnaflow muffler
New Mechanical Fuel Pump
New Water Pump
RT diff mount
msa airdam
bre spoiler
New rear shoes in back with new wheel cylinders
Hawk pads (still in box)
New brake master cylinder
new brake hoses
Headlight relay harness
Parking light harness
rebuilt combo/blinker switch
Grant steering wheel
MSA modern fuse box
Racing Seats (some kind of knock off reclineable seats)
welded in roll bar
tokico hp struts
tokico 280z cut springs 185f 200r (these are a higher linear spring rate than the 240z progressive springs)
Energy suspension Poly bushings everywhere
xxr 527 15x8.25
Hankook Ventus v2 concept 205/50/15 ( less than 150 miles on them)


The bad:

no interior
Driver side rust hole in floor pan that has a patch job a buddy did im not totally happy with
all the vents/ducts for the heater and fresh air in a box out of the car
heater core leaks, heater lines currently not connected
paint is shitty
passenger door has bondo

Fuel gets into the oil somehow, im pretty sure its the old, tired SU carbs. 

Fumes in cabin, pretty common z problem

header hangs low and scrapes over speedbumps and such



I think thats about it, if you have any questions feel free to ask.  Ill be up front with you and tell you everything there is to do with the car, i dont believe in hiding problems.


I have this car listed on craigslist for 3500 but my bottom line right now is 3200. So if you interested $3200 and its yours.


On to Pics!















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