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Okay here is the scoop on what I need done, I have both a 78 and a 76 Datsun 280z.  My 78 I have had for almost 3 years and it runs like a dream for the most part.  However the body is not in that great a shape, it is heavily rusted out and will require over $3000 in bodywork.  In an effort to save money and time I purchased a 76 280z with a much better body and little rust.  However this Z does not run, the guy I bought it from was a merchant marine and left it sitting for over 3 years while he was out to sea.  He did spend a lot of money having the engine bored out to a 3.0 and having the transmission rebuilt.  He was the second owner of the vehicle and his mother was the first.  Soooo initially I had planned to pull my motor out and just swap it with his, but he begged me not to get rid of the motor he had, said it was something relatively small that needed to be fixed but that his motor was solid.  Seeing how he had his bored up I would like to see if I cant get it running.  I have some after market parts on my 78 including headers exhaust and a few other components, so basically I either want to get the motor running in the 76 and add my parts to it so I can sell the 78 shell or if that is not possible I want to swap the motors out completely.  I do not have a ton of money but I am looking to get this done asap so I can drive my love again.  Let me know what you think or if this is something you guys can handle.

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you wont need a mechanic for that. all you need is the know how of everyone on ratsun.


when you say the bored out motor wont start, why? what does it do, what doesnt it do?

most things come down to fuel/ignition or power issues.


is the starter getting power?
is the engine turning over?

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I wanted to revive this thread because I need help with my clutch and transmission. Mine is super hard to shift and it's inconsistent as far as clutching. I'm in Mira Mesa/ San Diego area.


I have a 1970 Datsun 521 4 speed manual. Please help! 714-600-2877

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