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$200 1980' 200sx Hatchback (roller)

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((( Portland,OR ))))  East side area.


**** MUST be gone by Friday evening ... atm I can't find the damn key ***


Have a 1980 200sx Hatchback Shell.

Was going to keep , but plans have changed and space sucks.

Engine , Trans , Seats , gauge cluster and some other stuff is gone.

Wiring is cut and interior is baked in many places.






Parts: Sunroof , windows (not windshield though) doors , fenders , hatch , hood , 200sx Front Struts , Front Sway bar , H-165 Disc Brake rear axles , (2) 200sx wheels with tires and (2) 300zx alloy wheels with roller tires (cracks in sidewalls , but good for a spare in a pinch.


Price : $200 cash


It will be going to the yard Friday or very early Saturday AM ! via Tow Dolly unless someone wants it first before I roll it up and strap it.



***MUST be gone by late Friday evening and bring a trailer !!! ****

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Fffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuudge! Id buy this in a heartbeat DTP. GLWS amigo.


Sorry DAT510 :-/ ... thanks man !


Why must all the affordable parts and shells I need/want be in the USA?! GLWS man, hopefully she goes to a good home. i would love that rear axle!


Thanks for the free bump and keep looking you'll find one :thumbup:

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I hope to god it does and I hope you're willing to wake up at a shitty time and deal with my shitty trailer backing skills if you do banner. uhaul opens at 7am and I would plan on being at their doors at 7 am lol. plus, isn't dtp your dad? cause it would sure help having someone that knew exactly where they were going(if hes willing to wait until like 8 in the morning or so)

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rofl, not on the fence in any way. have the cash, have access to a truck tomorrow morning and can get a trailer tomorrow morning. and I wake up at 4:30 am for work 5 days a week, getting up at 6 to go get this on a day off wouldn't be difficult lol. and would be more than worth it

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No, hes not my real dad, but he did use to deliver schwans ice cream to my mom, made me play outside for hours. Havnt seen him since, but we keep in touch.

Im use too getting up at 4am, so bring it on lolol I live right down the street from uhaul, near where we passed each other a while back.

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