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Carb help?


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Ok so I am having some carburetor issues with backfiring and low power and either need to find a Carb guru on here who lives in Washington (prefer around the Tacoma area) who can help me figure this thing out. Or if anyone knows of a good shop around the Tacoma area who works on Carbs that can fix it for me. I'm not to good when it comes to carbs but I know how to adjust the idle and the fuel... I just don't know if what I'm doing is ever working or even doing anything.


If anyone can help or knows someone who can text me and let me know. Don't really have time to reply on here a lot so texting is faster for me.

Thanks for any help




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Kyle perhaps if you finish filling out your profile with your location (for later posts) and what vehicle you have someone near you can offer to help. Year and engine, is it the stock carb or has a weber been put on, has it been sitting, was it rebuilt recently, was it ever running properly and just recently started acting up will all help to identify a problem and suggest a solution.

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Sorry about that I should have posted more info. It's a 67' 520 with a J15 and I'm not sure what type of Carb it is. It says Nikki on the side so maybe that's what it is. I have some pics I'll post up here. If you look at the one side it's all black from the backfire. I need to fix this soon.







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This just recently happened. I had the truck in the shop for other issues with my starter and driveline and when I got it back yesterday they said the carb was running funny. And it idles a little rough but it still idles. Starts up just fine, but when I start driving it hesitates. And has a loss of power. When I first got it it only back fired a couple times but this morning on my way to work it was doing it back to back a couple times. I thought it was the timing but the shop checked the timing and said the timing was fine. I don't know if the carb just needs to be jetted or rebuilt. I have a little knowledge on carbs but not enough to be comfurtable doing this on my own.

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