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where can I buy the insert for pigtail harness to crimp the wire to?

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Sorry if that sounds confusing, but I have an endless supply of pigtails at the junkyard and rather than having something look super hacked and splicing all my wires coming out from the pig tails I'd like to have a better option. Do they sell the metal sleeves that crimp on to your wire before you insert it into a pig tail, that way you can keep as few splices as possible 






I'm looking for those metal pins in bulk and the crimper.





I tried for an hour in google but lost. All I see are expensive weather pack options,

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yeah but that's exactly what I said I wasn't looking for. Doing that would be a last resort. If I can find a  way just to reuse stock pigtails I'd be set. I want to rebuild the old harness I have but it's been hacked and sliced so much I'd like to get rid of as many butt connectors and splices as possible.

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The issue you are going to run into, there are tens of thousands of different crimp terminal,its not a one size fits all item,then you have to take into account how old your pins are,and those pins might be obsolete, with a late model car,they often use standardized pins for their entire line,but back then the standards were different, a good pack of weatherpack terminals like that is pretty economical if you look at the price of quality terminals

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