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whats a 411 goon worth


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I went to a buddies JY about 75 miles away last Monday to check out a 620 hustler for parts that he just got in.

On my home I saw the roof top of what looked like a datto goon so I spun back around and asked the owners kids if it wood be OK to go get a quick look at it. Which they said yeah go ahead.

When I got back up to where I could get a better look, I just about crapped my pants because I could not believe I had found a 411 goon. Most of them around here have either been scrapped or derbyed.

Well anyway, I don't know much about the 411 except that the SSS had front disc brakes.

What are they worth because I almost got the wife talk into keeping it because it wood be the only one here in the LC valley.

The owner says he wood be interested in selling it plus you cant see it in the pic but theres a 520 or 521 on the other side of the Ford.

I'm heading up tomorrow morning to check into both datsuns plus a 64 chevy Impala and what ever else he's got, hes got a lot of stuff laying around.

I'll also post more pics of the finds when I get back.


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I'm not sure, there's someone else in the San Francisco area selling one just within a week for $400 or so...looked pretty darn straight. I'm pretty sure it's PL521SSS who's selling it. Here's what it looks like to give you an idea what $400 will buy you.





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It's mine

Selling it to make room for a 411 sedan

But I may not even sell it at all.

Would keep both if I have room for them.

Have most of the parts now to get it back on the road.

Price is low and priced for quick sale.

As always, there's tons of inquiries but no serious buyer.

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No, they aren't, but in a few years I wouldn't be surprised if folks say "remember when you could buy a 411 for...." like they say about dimes now.


They are an acquired taste with their Pininfarina styling. I was looking for a 510 when I got mine for free. Wife calls it "that blue POS" and wishes she could wake up and find it gone. I'd like to have a couple more. :D


Get some good pics including a readable shot of the VIN plate.

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its going to need body work of course,missing left upper & lower arms & spindle/drum, front windshield cracked, dont believe front seats are original, front & rear bumper rusted. I tried to get him to give a price but wouldnt say.

dash looks complete, motor looks complete. He says hes going to start cleaning up in a couple of years -how many times have I heard that. hers a few pics. On the other side of the ford was a 521 year unknown, couldnt get the doors or hood opened to check it out but I'll go back in a month. next time i'm going to have to take sum yellow jacket spray.




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