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Where's this blue wire go?

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'71 510, I swapped in an L20B and 280zx 5spd.  The car was an automatic.  I forgot to make note of what the transmission wires are for.  I've got a square four prong connector that has the black/red back-up lamp wires and the black/yellow wires that I had to jumper to get the car to start.  But also in the same harness is a single blue wire.  Can anyone tell me what it's for and if I need to do anything with it?



Thanks, Kyle

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I can't find it in my diagrams Kyle but I suspect it's for the electric kick down solenoid.


With the key on depress the gas peddle fully, you'll hear the loud click of the kick down switch as you near the floor. Check the blue wire for voltage when the switch closes. If this is the case tape up the wire or remove the kick down switch and tape up those wires.

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That's awesome.  Thanks Mike.  It is the kick down switch.  And that solves two of my problems.  Now I know what the wire is for, but also I've been looking for a "keyed hot wire" to tie into for my electric choke.  I will disconnect the switch at the pedal, jumper the wires and use the wire in the engine bay to go to my choke.  PERFECT!!  EASY PEASY!


Thanks again, Kyle

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