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off highway Ratsuns (tarmack free)

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having limited bandwidth and being too lazy to search through the thousands of pages looking for rally cars, 4x4s, prerunners  and the like. I thought i would start a thread.

 my 69 510 camping car six inches of rust.PA270021.jpg


it literally had 6inches of rust along the bottom of the car. it has a wagon floor pan and 1/8in thick box tubing in the rockers. she is powered by a z24 and trany out of a 84 4x4. dodge d50 springs in the back and rear sentra fastback in the front. and shes good in the snow




I cant wait for the snow pack to recede so i can hit the gravel with this turbo z24 73 dimeP2190012_zps7fa8a40b.jpg

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I LIKE IT!!!!! for two reasons. Z24 and off road.... and a turbo. OK 3 things. Did you cut the D-50 springs or keep it as high as possible for road clearance? Thoughts of a inter cooler? What ratio rear end? The Z24 is only a 50 amp alternator... did you up grade to 90 for all the lights?

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I think this was his way of an intro.....

O'shat, good point. ive been trolling around ratsun for so long i forgot i never introduced myself. I'm Robyn ive been a member of the 510 club of BC  for 8 years. im datsun rich but performance poor, i enjoy rust repair and panel beating.


hey mike. my d50 springs are uncut for maximum clearance. the d50 springs give the same ride height as a stock 73 but are a little firmer the sentra springs are a firmer than stock and give me an extra1/2in on top of the added height of the wagon struts.


the tan car has 3.90 and the white one has an r180comp with 4.65s. Im running 65amper hitatchies  from Subaru loyal's and massive deep cell bats to compensate for the lack of amps.


an inter cooler would be nice but for now i don't want to modify the white car. it was a western Canadian championship car back in 91 and ive tried to preserve the car as such. if i modify the car it will be done to meet today's rally regulations.


well that's enough about me and my cars lets see some pics of other tarmac free ratsunsP6020093.jpg

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I just recently swapped a 100 amp '02 Altima alternator into my 710. Have to swap the stock pulley onto it but it lines up. The output power cable from the alternator was larger than the positive battery cable! :lol: :lol: :lol: This also gets rid of the stock external voltage regulator.

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Cool 510s. Successful new guy Is success.


Here is my old b210. It went anywhere I pointed it and was all stock






The 510 hatch




And another of the b210 for good luck lol

My cars probably spent equal time off road as they did on lol. Most my gas budget was blown on logging roads then id commute to school all week after I hit E lol

Welcome to ratsun

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Sweet!  I'm going to have to do that Altima upgrade to the hardbody too I think.  Winter sucks when the heater is on full, lights, windshield wipers.  65 amps just isn't enough, especially now that I have the fog lights running when the lights are on.


My 510 is/was setup for off-road.  I'll probably have to keep it mainly on-road after she gets nice again, or at least hide the off-road excursions from my bodyman. ;)

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Pro tip drill a hole in the floor by the trans tunnel and run the speedometer cable inside. It hangs a little low stock and I've ripped a few out at the gears hanging it up on the ground until I ran it inside. it's crazy how fast you can get a datsun on gravel and still be in control of it even stock. It's nothing to fly along at 75 and I bet your 510's can do a lot more than that! Haha

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wow man thats low for the size of rock scattered about. you got oil pan protection ?



There are no public dirt road where I live...



It must be loads of fun sliding around on gravel.


tuns of fun. you can get an idea of what its like by mounting up some 40yr old bias plys and go for a drive in the rain.  :thumbup: 

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