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Throttle Cable

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So the throttle cable snapped the other day on the 620, and I went searching to find a replacement. First stop was Napa who wanted $10, but it was on backorder and about 10 days out. Autozone could get one the next day but wanted $47.99 for it! Schmucks was almost as bad, quoting me $43. I ended up buying the one from Napa, and am bumming rides from the girlfriend for a while. I just can't believe that they can charge close to $50 for a throttle cable. If anyone has '75 and up (it's for a '79 and I think anything '75 and newer will fit) 620 cable they'd like to sell me PM me. Also I saw a posting in NWDE about needing to modify the stock cable to fit a weber 32/36 which I've got, but that was the first and only thing i have read about that. Any info?




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