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Beware eBay buyer wdatsun72/wirdan.arifin!

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I recently sold a couple of items to this guy and last night received chargeback notices saying the transactions were made without authorization to use the credit card given. At the time he purchased from me, his eBay username was 'wirdan.arifin' and it was changed to 'wdatsun72' on 03/05/2013. His more recent feedback as a buyer goes back to 01/22/2013 and it looks like he made several purchases with most (if not all) relating to a Datsun truck.


I think I should be covered with my transactions since I shipped to the confirmed address in PayPal, used delivery confirmation and he left me positive feedback but I wanted to make everyone else aware just in case you get a bid or purchase from him.

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It looks like he also purchased something from Shagy (Acrylic Conceptions), makes me wonder if he's run into the same thing. Going back to January, he's purchased about $600 worth of Datsun stuff on eBay (at least going by his feedback) including an emblem from Shagy and a set of fender mirrors for $300 from a seller in Japan.

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It definitely seems like guilty until proven otherwise with regards to sellers and them debiting our accounts, but if you follow their guidelines they generally come around in the end. I'm fairly confident that I'll get my money back on this one.


I'm curious to know if he's disputing all of those charges or just mine or what. It would be pretty hard to prove that my purchases for a 620 truck were fraudulent yet other purchases seemingly for the same truck weren't.

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