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looking for 66-68 520 front corner/turnsignals

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Hey guys like the header says just looking for a pair of these......mine work but aren't in the best shape.......need ones like in the picture and I'm cool with paying for shipping if youre not local.....thanks for the help :)


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OK , unsed , original , Iam selling them to u as a second hand due to ( no wrapping & no DATSUN R & B box )


100$ / set + 45$ 9 days traceable shipment


as they r with me






I did no more than ( wet cloth cleaning )




rubber is so soft and bendable




I opened them ( dual light bulb )




more near




from back I give one of them 80% of the new & the other 90%




stamped 4060  & 4061

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Wow those are perfect......does the price include the lenses?......also because of said price I might have to wait til next Friday to pick these up from you when I get paid if that's alright......let me know thanks :)

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