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Wiper motor test?


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72 PL510.


Wiper motor isn't working. Fuse is OK. Switch feels solid and powers the windshield washer OK. Just no wiper action.


All other electrics are working fine, even though PO has messed with the wiring a bit.


Can someone tell me the best way to test the motor? Wht wires should have power, etc? Is there a relay that controls the motor? I seem to recall there is a grounding issue on these, but couldn't find any post about it.


Thanks for your help.

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ive taken another motor and tried it in my connection. simple idea when you have another car and motor :D


sounds like some wires may have been screwed with :mad:


no schematic, but you could find the 2 diff power wires (for slow and slower :lol: ) and apply power.

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the haynes manual i had for my 620 had a great section on testing your wiper motor with a couple jumper wires. look in a 510/pl521 haynes manual. damn i sold mine on ebay a few months and dont remember if it was in there. or better yet get a factory service manual. it's gotta be in there. anyone?

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On my 710 the wiper motor and the voltage regulator share some wires.


I think I may have a factory manual at home, I'll check tonight and either post here of PM you.




Boys... this is a pretty stale post from the middle of July last summer. :mellow:

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