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Has your pole shifted to the left or right? ZX


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got this car from my dad and i'm ruining it so bare with me. 

car like a year and a half ago, after I slammed a curb. some stupid xxr 17x10 et25 with 50mm spacers on 4 corners to get this fitment. stupid not doing that anymore. 


i did drifting and this happened:

then i ate some cookies:



did more drifting and some events. no pics because car looked like crap. 

so this is how the car looked ~novemberish 

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did some 3rd gear 

december happened:

basically tearing the whole car down and full racecar homopotato build. 

but then i decided instead of rebuilding a stock motor, i'll do a stroker. so i did. and i got a bigger turbo for it as well lol 
current state of motor and repainted engine bay:


and some new wheels that are getting faces flipped/barrels polished to go along with my 5 lug swap. 

i guess i'll update more as i do more to the car. right now i just want to finish it and drive. getting old being a jackstand racer.

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basically tearing the whole car down and full racecar homopotato build. 


but then i decided instead of rebuilding a stock motor, i'll do a stroker. so i did. and i got a bigger turbo for it as well lol 

current state of motor and repainted engine bay:




Dude I love the graffiti on the engine block!


I've shared some pics of your ZX here Its a bad ass car I actually like the color and fits the ZX well! 

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Bro I love your banana ZX! I'll be drifting my S30 this season, You going to US AIR on April 28th? 


thanks bud,


I'm hoping to make it to that one. thats been the "deadline" since clubfr announced the dates haha. 

should be fun! 


Ross le 

unfriendly garage.. 


We need  moarrrrr drifting z's lawl 



as long as they dont look stupid i'm happy with it 

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since i'm doing a z31 spindle/5lug swap i figured it was a good time to shorten the knuckles and clean them up a bit. should be interesting to see how much angle i can get out of these with my PBM rack spacers and S14 inners/s13 outers.


after i was done with the arms, i set some stuff on fire: 


and maybe set some  more things on fire: 

so i'm moving along nicely. My wheels are almost done being polished. 205/40/17 federal 595 evo's are coming in the next couple days for them. so i could be able to put the car on the ground and see how much i want to extend my FLCA's. 

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I think unfriendly died, haven't heard from him in forever lol

Ross' car is heinous and I'm ashamed to share the same chassis as him.


I still want to rub dic-- doors with you Allen <3


is ross the dude with the catshit brown s130? 


fucking gross.

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so because i wanted to have full rad interior and everything to work in my full rad interior'd car. i did auto to manual climate conversion. easiest. thing. ever. when you have a whole manual heater core box. i'd be too lazy to source everything out separately. kudos to the nerds that do it - i couldn't. 

had to strip as much of everything as i could in the mean time - which only took 5 mins because nothing was in the car anyway. 


So the automatic vacuum operated heater box/core/valve is on the right, next to the manual one. 




A bumble bee tried attacking me while i commenced this whole process. so naturally i do what any normal human being would do and blast it with a torch and brake fluid. when i blasted it, my car turned black and yellow inside. not sure why this mutant bee was trying to attack me, but i'm wondering if i'd have superpowers or someshit if it stung me. Probably would help with my granny shifting syndrome.




while the evil demon piss of that bumble bee was drying, i went overboard and got some of this fancy foam weather strip to give me a decent seal in between all the climate boxes. I was generous on the foam between the heater core box and the evaporator housing so i don't have the epic chilled granny air escaping and giving me crap ventilation. 


have a generous helping of all the weatherstrip anywhere i can fit for the climate system. 

annnddd here's the heaterbox/evaporator housing all mounted up and aside from reinstalling the blower motor box (which i'll do after patching up some of the floor in that area) everything was plug and play - even the harness.... that was designed for the car... 

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Excite to use over take boost! 



OG GReddy Profec Spec A EBC - got a super awesome deal on it. 

And a pic of motor just because i like it. Definitely not a showcar so it's as pretty as it's going to look while out of the car lol


do facebook vids embed on this forum? if not, whatevers

That's link to vid of my front wheel to z32 caliper clearance. front wheel specs are 17x8j -65... yes, -65 .. needed to find wheels like that so all my steering knuckle/control arm mods aren't done in vain with a wheel smacking the control arm. running a 205/40/17 worth of Federal 595 Evos. 





basically just readjusted the heater cock because i did it wrong the first time. finished all the vacuum lines that go under the dash and tucked them away nicely. and rewired some of the stock body harness. 

engine bay / front clip prep is happening next week when i get back into town. when paint happens, rebuilt  t5 trans is getting mated to the motor with a White Bunny 240sx clutch set up and motor is going in the car. FINALLY! i have a couple spare t5's and a close ratio S130 5 speed laying around whenever this one decides to explode. we'll see how long it lasts once i get everything put together :)

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wow, nice redemption. didn't expect much after that super enthusiastic first post lol, but t looks like youre definitely headed in the right direction! car looks sick!

it is what it is. ive been dragging ass on this car these past few months and have just been sourcing rare cool PERIOD(ish) parts that i can put on the car. restomod, if you will. i'm desperate to drive this car as of now, so i've been hauling ass on finding parts i need and putting everything back together. I surprised the hell out of myself when i remember'd where every nut and bolt was from the inside of the car. 





got some more in today. 


new bearings for the tensioner pulleys. i remember my power steering tensioner made some ugly noises and was squeeling every now and then, so i'll knock out both. 





anndddd it took me forever to find the "vent bypass switch" for the manual climate control that doesn't freaking leak. FOUND ONE.



i know all the dashboards have some sort of place for this thing. would anyone with the manual climate control be able to take a pic of this things location for me? not sure on this things exact location.

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Haven't posted in a while. 

There's a motor, trans and interior back in the car. 

And I started piecing together my front suspension stuff. 

Z31 Strut tubes cut down and welded my megan-ish S13 coils onto. modded z31 front knuckles.  Z32 aluminum 30mm front brake calipers with agency power conversion lines. I'm working on making a bracket for the rears eventually. lower control arms extended 30mm to counteract the whole positive camber the stupid z31 stuff gives me. 

and i put on my 17x8 -60 (if my maths are right) SSR Professor SP1's and immediately went full lock. looks rad


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not full lock, but whatever. looks cool .

and while starting on piecing my interior together, i put my OG hks boost gauge in the most obnoxious place possible. 


really excited to get this car started and rolling in the next week. i have a drift event to get this thing ready for on oct. 20.... time to get to work, still a long way to go

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