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decently interested observer here in Houston, Adam, especially since shipping doesn't sound like it'll be an issue (or a cost)? Obviously I'd prefer to buy local so I could look at the car myself, and there are a few Datsuns in the neighbourhood... but mayyybe the right price will seduce me ;)
I'm just a bit wary about the collision. Bent frames are never fun.

send me an email with more pictures and I'll have a look:

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ill be getting more pics this weekend, several sales are pending pics. First with $$ is the one that gets it. 


the rear end damage looked to me that it only affected the tailgate and the light housings. The bed looked fine and trust me there's no frame damage.


If there was there would be WAY more sheet metal damage 


I know cus my 620 was totaled 

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guys, the tires are almost new, the paint is prob the best ive ever had on a datsun, the weber is already there, the rust isnt THAT bad, yes there will be issues with getting it going but welcome to the datsun game. I need this gone, it needs a good home


























































Please dopnt make me part this out, theres more than $500 in parts alone.

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