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810 datsun/s13 front conversion

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Datsun is coming along  again this datsun was bought for around 400 no motor ( mice ) ran through the thing sat under a tree, all the sap from the tree just finish the drain in the car so it was quite a mess..........i did some welding ( not good at that ), but made it through enough .....

 Now focus on this 240sx front end crap.simple to do very easy, but the fine details and it may differ from owner to owner on how to do this..... brake lines are my issue at the momnet and the list of what to do is long..


The first issue was .... what am i using the car for... has no heating system a lot of missing wiring things so do we track the car?

 Or do we drift and track the car?  and can the car drive to events?

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So we build a track and half ass drift car to play with...........tires size going 15x8 front 15x9 rear   power plant ka24det  ......soooooooo that is the route i am taking  i do have 2 cars ( 810's )

no motors, but the other will be a cleaner build.....i am a beginner on this documenting car progress


$400 on car

 $200 in parts

 $ wheels should be 350 to 400 max

 $200 used turbo and log manifold

 Ka24de rebuild stock bottom end $200

 cross drill rotor and pads est $120


i want to ONLY $2,000 - $2400  on project no higher


i am at est 1500 now in car that isnt running so i have 900 more to spend no more than that no is that realistic?

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Very sorry for not posting, but i dont know how to on here with photos



s13 cross memeber


s13 lowers arms


s13 coilovers ( you can not use stock lowering strut ) spring to wide to fit unless you use custom type


810 rack can be used


s13 rack can not be used


I used s13 knuckles, calipers rotors, brake lines booster and master, and slave cylinders


Rear subframe use a 280zx or z31 rear section and get everything needed.. i mean everything


Now with that diff you can used s13 lsd cause its a r200 the datsun was a r180




There isnt a cook book for the 810 maxima at all, but alot of niisan parts car fit mix and match REMEMBER YOU HAVE TO DIAL ALL THIS STUFF IN.. meaning what works for me may not work for you then you have to tweak things




My 810 came with no engine no nothing honestly so this is what i am doing i had a 240sx that had rusted rails and it was small the car i out grown it, so i just swapped everything over

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