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valve size?


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I have read repeatedly that the w58 and u67 have larger valves than the a87 and w53. They always looked the same to me so I decided to check them out.

All I had on hand was a carb float measuring thing. Intake valves on my a87 were 41 mm and the exhaust were 34 mm measured at the widest spread on the valve face. Same as the w58. I took the a87 valve out and face to face it matched the w58.

They appear to me to be the same and I am pretty sure the w53 has the same as the a87. Not trying to challenge any ones knowledge,just appears to me that I am right. Maybe the measurement is at the seat bore or something. Please enlighten me. thanks

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You are correct. The A87 VALVES are (usually) the same size... it's the intake PORTS that are different. I misspoke when I said they were smaller. Actually, there are 2 varieties of A87, all have 1.65" intakes but the exhaust valves could be 1.30" or 1.375". I would assume the 1.30" exhaust valve size was for the L16 version A87, as the original 210 head also had 1.30" exhaust valves (with 1.50" intake valves)


The intake PORTS are the difference... the A87 was measured at 1.25" vs 1.375" on the U67 and W58.

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:cool: Thanks Doug. I always figured the valves were the same but the ports are different for sure. So as far as high comp heads the a87 is the same as the w53 except the w53 does not have water ports. Both have small intake ports. The same?

Lots of a87 open chamber out there. Nothing special but still good.

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