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NCRCA question - on a B210

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So this is a very random question, i know not a whole lot of people like NCRCA's becuase of the Scrub radius and a whole lot of other geometry they mess with, But my question is, I have a set of brand new NCRCA's that i plan to install in my B210 when i get around to my coilover/camber plate install hopefully this weekend. Is there a chance they could be installed backwards? thus narrowing the track and not giving an extreme amount of camber.  I feel that they will physically bolt in but may interfere with other parts, maybe the swaybar endlinks.  Its just an afterthought, I do have regular RCA's i can use, but dont mind experimenting a little. I would really like the narrower track to pull my wheels in a bit more than they are currently.

Thanks Ratsun!

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I dont think they can fit bacward because the t.c. rod and sway bar location, maybe the steering tie rod would be to long at that point? but would love to see some pics of them test fit.

And dont forget, that using 280zx stuts and hubs could narrow the track width a noticeable amount.

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MR2 inserts in shortened Stock B210 Struts, Ground control coilovers, T3 camber plates & swivel bearings, new balljoints, and new Front & rear swaybars. I know what has been done, and what strut swaps work. I know that 280zx struts narrow track 3/4". I CANNOT afford them right now, and am having a hard time finding any in the first place (I live in Victoria, BC where Pick&Pull does not exist and a 280zx is a very rare sight)  I have camber plates to adjust the camber, im not worried about the positive camber it gives in that sence. I just had a thought to mount them backwards, seems some corolla guys have done it but not very much info at all about it.  Like I said im trying to work with what i have, Im pretty much broke right now ( a $1600 TV does that to ya) I dont have a problem using them the way they are supposed to be used, but with my stock B210 struts i would rather not widen the track any more than i already have.


EDIT:  A little search on Datsun1200.com, says it can be done, but once again no info on anybody who has done it. and mind you that was a 1200, not a B210/510 Ect. Same suspension design just smaller and lighter.

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