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New pistons L18 and L20B, Schneider L4 camshaft

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I have 2 boxes of oversize L20B pistons and 2 boxes of standard L18 dished and pop-up Arias pistons. Also available is an L4 Schneider regrind on a stock internally-oiled camshaft. The rear journal has very faint scoring; barely perceptible when felt with your finger. It won't affect anything, ask your machinist.


IMG_7981 by SDkvrd, on Flickr


IMG_7982 by SDkvrd, on Flickr


IMG_7983 by SDkvrd, on Flickr


IMG_7985 by SDkvrd, on Flickr


IMG_7986 by SDkvrd, on Flickr


IMG_7995 by SDkvrd, on Flickr


IMG_7996 by SDkvrd, on Flickr


IMG_7990 by SDkvrd, on Flickr


IMG_7991 by SDkvrd, on Flickr


IMG_8011 by SDkvrd, on Flickr


IMG_8012 by SDkvrd, on Flickr


IMG_8015 by SDkvrd, on Flickr

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If you read the rules for posting in the classified you will see that you need to post a price for every item or it will be taken down.

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Sorry, I forgot to put prices & location: $250 ea for the L20B piston sets, $200 for the L18 dished std pistons, $500 for the L18 Arias pistons, $125 for the Schneider camshaft...I don't know the specs, the only marks are the ones shown on the nose and there is a letter "B" stamped on the back. I'm in San Diego, California 91945

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The Arias pistons are forged. I have the same casting # sitting in front of me. The schnieder cam is not listed on the website, but the way they number the cams is by advertised duration. The 290f is .495/ 290 with a powerband of 3500 to 7500, so I would guess the 292f is a bit chunkier than that. 

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