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SERIOUSLY need your guy's help.

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My truck is spitting, backfiring, and all around running like hell and is undriveable, it happened almost out of nowhere, i have an L16 in my 73 datsun 620.


I popped the hood and looked around, i found a wire broken off of a solenoid that screws into the side of the intake manifold, looks like it has to do with vacuum in some sort of way,  my phone doesnt want to take pics so i know it's not helping that i lack pics, but first of all: do you think this is my problem? and secondly- what would the part be called and where could i find it? ive been searching around with no luck. 


The solenoid is a metal cylinder probably 1 inch in diameter with a pointed metal plunger, its hooked up by wire(obviously) and is threaded to screw into the manifold. Any insight would be extremely helpful.

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If I have a dual points distributor and I am only running on one set of points, but the condenser hooked up to the non-running set of points is messed up, will it cause issues or does it not matter? I found the secondary condenser with the bracket broken and dangling, unhooked it since it wasn't connected o the active set of points and it made no difference.

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The condenser reduces arcing and prolongs the life of the points. You can easily run for a short time without them. If in doubt, disconnect all of them. If the problem goes away.... then they are the problem.

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