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Any suggestions for replacement carpet?


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Just wondering if anyone's paid for full replacement carpet from an outfit like ACC or StockInteriors.com, or others?  I just started looking around so have no idea if there's a supplier that comes highly recommended.


This would be for an '86 720 truck.



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JCWhitney carpet kits are very good.  The types of material available let you match just about any original carpet and color.  I have a set in my RL411, they look factory except that the front is 3 piece, not a molded one piece, but the seam is OK with me, it's in the footwell area.

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Wow, two votes for JC. 


I've always had a poor impression of JC Whitney.  Never actually bought anything from them, but I useta look through their catalogs way back in the '80's and most of their stuff seemed kind of flakey.


Can either of you tell me which kits you bought?  I did a quick browse last night and it appears they have several different suppliers. 

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A bonus on jcwhitney.  Until midnight 18 March 20% off and free shipping.  Use "stpd20" at checkout.


Go to the listings under Custom fit carpets for imported cars and trucks, it's usually  in the "Car Interior" section, not the interior accessories section.


If not ordering from paper catalog, the part number sequence is [2 letters] 786xxx [letter].  Letters vary by date and catalog issue.  The number part should hopefully let you pick the "almost factory" type I bought.  I got Polypropylene loop because that's what came in the car.

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