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Fender mirror help?


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I might be swooping up a real pair of fender mirrors tomorrow so that I can get rid of my ebay ones that are on my 240z. The thing is the fender mirrors I might be getting need some work. The mounting rods need to be replaced or fixed and one of the spring assemblies missing. Just wondering if I should still go for it even though its missing those parts? Also is it hard to find those replacement parts? I tried searching but came up with nothing. 

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Depending on the price, I would think you could make them work with little effort. They are not that complicated and tap and dye sets could be all you need to resolve the stripped, broken, or missing hardware. Good luck and post some pics so that you can get the Ratsun thinking caps on to help you out.

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Here's what $100 got me




I'm pretty happy with them. All they need is powder coating.


Anyone have ideas on how to mount these? I need to figure out how to get another bolt on the mirror, they're both snapped in half and rusted.  

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you need to get the nuts off from the base, find two new long bolts and nuts in any thread pitch, cut the bolt head off and weld them on to the old bolt rods hanging from the mirror. when you suck up the nut at the bottom i dont think they will go up far enough to interfere with your welds. i had to do the same thing on the same mirrors for my car.

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You can just make the rods, they dont need to be welded. A piece of threaded rod filed flat with a hole at the end, much easier. Then a new nut and washer to hold the assembly. Wouldn't even bother with that rusty mess, just replace with all new hardware.

Pretty easy fix, 15min and 5 bucks maybe, for 100 all in I would say you got a deal. 

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Another question guys, sorry. Would I be good with just the one bolt on there or would I need to replace those pastic pieces that go between the mirrors and the fenders. I noticed that there are suppose to be 2 little studs on those plastic pieces but they are broken off. Thanks again guys! Hopefully after this hectic school week I can get around to fixing and mounting these.

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The centering pins you can drill and tap as per gravels suggestion. Idk if thats what he was referring to but it would work. That or you can just drill and epoxy dowels in, easier option. 

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