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brake and suspension upgrade options.....


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im looking to drop some money into my 510 in the brakes and suspension area and im not sure at all what is good and what is crap. the setup im really thinking of getting is the troy ermish willwood full disk brake conversion kit and their stage 2 front and back coil over kit. 


i havent found many full kits so i dont know if the troy ermish prices are good or worth the $$$ ($3500 is a big purchase for me)..... so im throwing this thread out there before i buy to hopefully get some info on their setups or maybe some other Kit ideas. Im not really looking to piece together a bunch of parts to make a kit and that is a reason i was looking at theirs. simplicity.  


Any ideas or suggestions would help alot.


Thanks guys.

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I'm more of a do it yourself kind of guy. $4k for some brakes and suspension is beyond me but if you can swing it then go for it. Haven't heard anything bad about Troy. Top notch stuff and good after sale help.

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its just a matter of me not having the time to fab up my own stuff, i have all the resources but the time.


i think ive decided to go with T3 coils, futofab TC rods, LCA and rear camber adjusters, and the willwood brakes from troy. All i need to do is pull the trigger and hopefully get them installed before it gets nicer out.....

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took apart my front suspension tonight because i was curious what had already been done to the car before i bought it  and now im wondering if anyone knows what kind of brakes and strut tubes i have. i cant tell what they are....... an added bonus is i have some old school tein coil overs and camber plates :)







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I bought ground controls complete coil over kit for my 510, comes with coil over sleeves camber plates inserts bushings and rear coilovers. Im happy with it. I also have futo fabs adjustable front control arm and t/c rods, planning to get the rear camber/toe brackets.

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Get proper replacements. You can't run shorter travel inserts in them... well you can but you gain nothing by doing so. Only reason for shorter inserts is if the strut tube is also shortened to lower the ride height.


it looks like a p9100

Nothing came up... but the P prefix is used on zx parts.

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cool thanks Mike. I was just wondering if I could go shorter because it seems like when I Jack the car up they have a lot of travel before the tires life and it just didn't seem normal to me. now I'm going hunting for a different list of parts but it has freed up a good chunk of change for other goodies! thanks again for the help I'm not that experienced in the brakes and suspension game... sad to say but it's always been a speed over stopping mentality for me. time to do it right for once I suppose.

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You can run a shorter insert you just have to stack washers or make a spacer for the bottom of the strut tube to put the insert at the correct height in the tube. When i ordered my kit i got the koni adjustables and j believe they are for an mr2 and i had to make a 2" spacer for the bottom

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i pulled my old shock inserts out of the front the other day and i had the BZ3038's in there. i would like to go with them again but all the ones im finding are not a insert. they look like a normal gas shock that doesn't go in a tube,,,,,,, is it something i specify when i order the part or what? i need help getting a set of these ordered.....



This is what i find and dont need......


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guys, seriously I have my setup. this is probably turned into a suspension topic but instead of making a new thread I figured I would just keep it in here.


all I'm asking is, when u search Google why do the pictured shocks come up and not the ones I need. I'm just looking for a place to get the bz3038's that I need. that's it. I have my brakes and coil overs all I need is the front inserts.

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Is your strut tube open? If so measure down inside from the threads down to the bottom. If it's 376mm then this is an Un-shortened 280zx strut. Buy accordingly.

they might just use a generic pic of a shock not the actual shock

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Having a lot of droop isn't a bad thing as long as you still have sufficient up travel.  You could consider shortening the strut tubes and running a shorter insert, then you'd be able to increase your up travel while maintaining the same height.


My question about the ermish wilwoods is are they really designed for all-weather street use?  For example, do they have dust boots to keep out water & debris around the pistons or are they really just made for dry track use?  The 280zx brakes should be sufficient for normal & light track use I'd think, and they are designed for practically zero maintenance all weather street use.

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