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would do you guys like...


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1/ No more than 2" down pipe to a  2" inlet muffler with 1 3/4" or 1 /78" outlet and full length tail pipe.


2/ Same as above but a straight through 'cherry bomb' type mounted somewhere along ahead of a large turbo muffler and full tailpipe.


Trust me, loud gets tired real fast. Besides, no amount of sound can make up for the fact you are driving a 4 cylinder.

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I have had a Magnaflow for a very long time, and I am very pleased with it.
I ran it without a resonator for a couple of years, and it finally became raspy after that length of time.

Once I put a resonator in line (mid-way through the pipe, under the seats or thereabouts) it got rid of the rasp entirely and my car now has a nice note to it. It is only loud when I am full throttle, but it sounds very healthy. I ran that with a 2" exhaust. With the KA, I went with a 2.25" exhaust with the same config, re-used my muffler. When I get my truck running, I will do 2" back through my current muffler, and get a new Magnaflow for the 510. I am very pleased with them. Spendy, no crappy eBay mufflers here - but it's worth it. Just a drum along the highway instead of flowmaster annoying shit. Before the resonator, driving on the freeway was annoying as shit. I would go deaf. That resonator made all the difference in the world. I guess it is just a generic glass pack, I didn't spend much on mine.

It DID effect power to a noticable degree, I'll admit that. But I can live with that. When I first got the KA going, it had a lot more power than it does right now just running open headers, I was amazed at the power difference running an exhaust. But I would rather deal with tamed exhaust noise than maximum power these days. I'm no longer 16 years old, and loud no longer impresses me. I hate hearing Honduh's drive around with fart cans. Absolutely gay as shit, if you ask me. And that includes the high dollar ones... Skunk2, APEXi, whatever. Still overly loud and obnoxious.


For a stock L series, I think a 1 7/8" would be ideal on anything, especially L16's.. But I am partial to 2" exhaust. Overtaking on the freeway was where I felt the largest difference in power. It's the mid to high RPM range. Low range is a bit more torquey with a smaller exhaust, which is normal.

It's all preference though. As I said, loud exhaust is just annoying to me.

PS Stay the hell away from Flowmaster sounding exhaust, they only sound good on big engines. And by big I mean more than 4 cylinders, IMHO.

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Well it isn't 620 but I made my Volvo 480 turbo exhaust from ground up. So it was downpipe -> FIA approved CAT - > 2 separate straight trough resonators -> straight trough muffler.  All 2,5" pipe. The result was nice and quiet car.


On my 620 I did fulle length 38mm pipe - the same as the manifold outlet - as it isn't a turbo car you need to keep the exhaust pulse for as long as possible, to draw in fuel better. After that went 1,6L BMW muffler - huge compared to the original one. The sound isn't that bad, but could be better. The engine is more noisy than the exhaust. Need to make a proper vid how it sound in the car.

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