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APSTT VQ35 swapped s30


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guys ever since i got a parts car with a APS Twin turbo kit, i've been debating on what to actually throw the swap in, Nissan has been in my blood line for as long as i can remember, at one point i was set of making the swap into a 98 Q45, i like the size and comfortability of the car, the spacious roomy interior, and then it dawned on me, why not a 75 280z. The purpose of the thread is to engage in conversations, opinions are welcome although none will be taken into condiseration, however, links to other members VQ swapped projects will be heavily appreciated, any helps as far as why on chaiss over the other, i've been doing a little reasearch and will continue to do so as the time progresses before i make a rolling chasis purchase. 280's seem to have the most rigid frames, and at 545HP i really not wanting anything to go wrong, also i had questions about traction issue, there's no doubt 275 minimum would have to fit inside the rear fender flares. not running flares is not an option as a 9" is required. Any insight and experience would help. however i am set on the swap and the car, anything else i would appreicate. Here's what i have in mind, Dupont Jet black paint, i want to keep the car as classy as possible, so interior will be reuhpolstered to original specs. thinking 15x8 up front and 15x9's in the rear, not planning on going bigger with the wheels, i enjoy the classy look of 15's on the S30. If you have pictures with idea i will take that into consideration as well, i'll be on here more often as times progresses.

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Theres a few different people who are doing solid axle swaps, i dont have the link so thats not much help but keep your eye out. Your going to most likely want a cage and to reinforce the chasis, theres a few kits floating around out there for that.


275 on a 9? you already said u were flaring it, why not 10s or 11s?


As far as the actual swap itself, i have no idea about that stuff, someone on here will probally chime in!

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There are well documented S30's with VQ swaps there's even a shop out in Florida called Zfever that dedicates into doing just that they also sell harness kits, tune ecu's, custom brackets, engine mounts etc. Even with the 280z's having the most solid frames out of the S30's I wouldn't put my full trust on a car 35+ years old with an engine like the VQ.




Also would help to check HybridZ.org which is where I first seen it done. There's a lot of built threads on HybridZ here's a link to the V6 section would help to register if your having trouble seeing pictures.



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