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Door won't open, latch doesn't work


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So my passenger side door on my 710 won't open with either handle. I finally got the panel off(had to remove the seat) and everything seems in place except it looks like the rod from the inside handle was at one point attached to a nut of some sort where it connects to the outer handle rod. Even if that was the case the outside handle should still work shouldn't it? Other possibility is something inside the latch broke, any diagrams of it or anything?


I can't take it out as I can't even get the door to open, will take pics in a bit

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I think there is a bolt you have to remove with the door open to get the fender off? I can't recall its been a minute.. IDK if that'd work.


My first five ten passenger door was stuck like this, only it was half latched.  Lucky for me, I just pulled the handle then used a pry bar and popped it open. Come to find out the three screws holding the latch in plate were oblonged and I had to replace them. Worked like a charm after that.


Was kind of neat though, 510 wagon, orange with a door stuck shut.  Had to go in / out dukes of hazzard style. 

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now that its opened up, can you reach in there and see if you can unlatch it by hand?? sucks the screws for these latches are right where it latches on the outside of the door.  You may have to use a flat head screw driver in there to get it to release. 

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I tried and tried, never done this before but I did everything I could to try and open it and nothing works. It feels like there is no tension like you would feel from the door normally and there is definitely a piece missing, I also found a pit of plastic inside the door that looks like it belongs to the assembly. I'm bringing it into my shop class tomorrow but I don't know what more I could do there besides get the teacher's opinion, which usually only has a 50/50 chance of being right...






No its not open, passenger side. Pull the handle, and watch the mechanism, the "gently force" it further with your finger. The adjuster is all the way in so thats why it wont open. Your almost there man.



Which handle should I use? If I get you correctly the adjuster is the one connection to the inside handle, is that the one that need to go further down?

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Did the best I could to get a picture of it, sounds like what datzenmike was talking about but it's gone



In this picture it the horizontal threaded rod sticking through the latch arm. (sort of down and right of center) Has a plastic? nut on it that can be adjusted

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Got a good look at it today and found out that there's a plastic piece behind the metal mechanism that should get pushed upwards when the handle is pulled but it wont go up and when you get something to pull it up there is no tension and the door won't open. Is there a way to fix this or a way to force the door open so i can replace the whole thing? I checked with the other side too and it looks like quite a bit was damaged/fell off and I don't know where it would have fallen.


I don't think I can open it enough to get a pry bar between the door and I would rather not damaged anything but if it must come to that...


At least until then I can choose between having it Dukes of hazard or racecar style  :rofl:

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Okay so I've been picking at the latch and everything for over a week and still got nothing. The latch itself is broken, I tried the adjusting nut but it's not the rods it's the internals of the latch. Is there anyway I can take it apart without the door being open or do I have to force the door open? If I have to force it open, how would I go about it?


If I could get the plate that's on the latch off and if it's a spring that fell off of the oval plastic piece that moves up when you pull the handle(At least it does on my drivers side) that might work too.


Also thanks RedBanner for that diagram, it's a bit different but it helped me out a bit.

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