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Nismo/electromotive l-7 grind rally cam $125

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This is the real deal not a regrind. I ran it in my old L20b for a year and it noticeably improves the midrange power and is a pretty fun hop up.


I wanted to keep my current motor stock so I didn't put it back in when I swapped. I believe it requires different lash pads if I remember correctly. It has a longer duration and more lift than a the stock l20b (SSS) cam. Figuring out the clearances is up to you.


It's in good shape and I just want to pass it along. I picked it up from nismo back in the 80s when I worked at a dealership.


Pics to follow when I get home

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Maybe! I'd be interested in the following, if it's expensive enough I'm good with adding some cash going the other way


stuff for a maxima disc swap for the rear of my wagon

roadster parts (rear wheel cylinders, top for a 67 low windshield body, other odds and ends)

long tail 5 speed core to fufill my low 1st tall 5th mongrel gearbox fantasy, still haven't done the math to figure out what I need or if it's even possible

whatever else strikes my fancy

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I have a ZX 5 speed that is leaking silver gear oil...


I drained one once in a wrecker's that came out looking like silver paint. The drain bung had a chunk of bearing race on it and two 1/2" ball bearings clanged into the drain pan.

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Kind of curious what the 'lift' is.

Have a digital micrometer/caliper lying about?


Would imagine it's under .460




You can find it in the Nismo comp catalog.



7-spec cam for L-Series, .475"/270° high performance cam. Use .160" lash

pads when installing.
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Yes, that's the one Laecaon. It pulled pretty hard and I liked it, I just got tired of swapping it for smog every couple years.


As for the 5 speeds, I think I'm looking for one of the later ones...aren't the post 80 ones supposed to be stronger? I still need to do the ratio work to figure if what I want is possible, see the mongrel box thread

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