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Need a ball joint disc brake chassis

Beer Snob

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Nothing better then stock parts. At least you'll never have to hunt and you'll always know where to find your stuff.


May be harder to find a clean one though, since they were only 78/79 years versus the drum brake trucks who were built in much larger numbers (combining production through the years)

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The Pacific Northwest is a hot spot so it seems for Datsun, not sure how hard things are to find in you neck of the woods, but ive bought 2 620's in the last year or two, one for 425.00 (a runner/driver) burns as much oil as gas and has Fred Flinstone floorboards, and one non runner with loads of potential for 275.00. Lots of 78/79 longbed and kingcabs to be had and Ive found several shortbed standard cabs but what s up with people asking 750.00 to 1000.00 dollars for a clapped out Datsun 620 with a homemade flatbed,custom redneck I-Beam front bumper, that looks like it just got pulled out of the basement of jobsite shithouse? Datsuns fans come on....lets help each other out, if I had money to burn I would restore ......hell i dont know but  you get my point

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It is true what you say, it's much easier to start with a disc brake truck, as any other route will either take a lot of time fabricating parts, or cost money to buy pre-fabricated parts.

Fact is drum brakes actually work fine under normal circumstances, but need to be constantly adjusted to work properly by todays minimal maintenance standards, which is basically change the front pads before they are metal to metal.

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