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What engine swaps have been done to a 210

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I am thinking of buying a 80 210 coupe with the 1.2 l stick. I was wondering what motors have been put into them. I am a vg guy but I would like to do a ls1 swap and or I have access to a rb25 skyline motor. Didn't know what swaps people have done. I do have a couple of vg motors lying around too. Any thoughts or ideas would be great.

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I believe it is a vg 34. A guy bored a vg33 to a vg36 and said that the block was still in good shape. My motor now is a vg34 and there is room to grow. There is a couple of write ups on it if you search. has anyone put a small block or a lso into a 210. that is my goal, but I can get enough hp with a vg to make it work. I didn't know if anyone had made engine mounts and what not to a 210

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I was thinking of doing the na vg33 bored to except the vq45 pistons and have a nice 11 to 1 300 whp light car.



there is no way you are going to reach 300 whp without boosting. plain and simple. i have never heard of anyone reaching that number with a NA VG30 or vg33 even with the over bore and q45 pistons. there is a guy over at

z31performance.com that got close with a slimilar combo and only made it to 250 hp, and his combo has fully ported heads, custom ground cams , mega squirt ecu, custom pistons with 12.5 to 1 compression, and a custom sheet metal intake, to name a few of the things. by the time you add up all these custom peices to get close to 250, you have invested enough to just swap in a better motor, and enough to not make this engine streetable. if you still want to go through with this, i will find the guy for you.



if i were you, i would invest in the vq30de engine that came in fwd maximas. these engines can be mounted in rwd by using the 350z 6 spd tranny. the

vq30de is all alunimum and comes stock with 220hp at the flywheel and the engine itself is cheap, you can a good used one for about 650 plus shipping. the only real draw back here is getting a very pricey 6 spd tranny. expect to pay close to a gee for a good one and with all the accessories needed.


what is your budget for the swap?

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Sorry but have you ever swapped an engine, a V8 engine into a tiny car??? Any swap and fabrication experience? Tools, shop, time? Money? There is only maybe two or three ways to get this right and an infinite number of ways to fuck this up and loose the car to a wrecking yard. Re-think this and swap a KA or VG in. I'm sure you'll enjoy driving it more than aiming it in a straight line.

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Watched a video today of a russian dude putting a 7 liter v8 into a lada. There was a lot of cutting in regards to metal and corners, and it fit about as good as you'd expect. 

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The same guy also made retrofitted a Lada with wooden pistons, tires filled with cement, car with two steering wheels (each one controlled a different wheel), filling a motor with soda.. 

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1 minute ago, datzenmike said:

Seen it... and now the car is pretty much useless. Well, it was a ... Lada trouble.


Just like all of his other work. Pretty much useless. I'm guessing they get those shit boxes for next to nothing in Russia.

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An LS is probably better than a boat anchor 350. Engine weight is one of the reasons to not do this other than size. Straight ahead driving will be faster but 'driving' around town or twisty roads will not be as enjoyable.

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