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Photochop # who the hell knows....

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-must use supplied image to start from

-add/subtract any elements as you want

-anything in the pic is fair game

-no stealing, if somebody post's up a preview, anything they've added or done thats unique cannot be used. as in new wheels, paint color, ect. despite how smart you may think you are, its pretty easy to tell when something is "borrowed".

-use any methods at your disposal to edit/chop pic, dont have to use photoshop if you dont want to.

-entry's must be submitted on time to be eligible for fabulous prizes

-entry's must be posted in this thread, a new thread will be started for voting

-winner will be chosen by the ratsun users via poll thread. there is no 2nd place, your just the first to lose

-entrys must be posted by midnight pacific time 3/24/2013 and no later, unless this goes like all the previous contests.

-winner is responsible for running the next contest,including: choosing the pic, rules, contest date and providing prizes (if you want)


Winner recieves fabulous package of 10 ratsun stickers and 10 ratsun business cards.







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