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Me ol' 76' 620 project.

Nick S.

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So here it is folks...my rattle-canned, turd-brown 620 (note: the extremely rad racing stripe). It's as basic as ya can get, short bed, 4-speed, L20b engine, with the optional cracked dash and cassette player that's wired directly to the battery! 
 I bought this BM-colored gem from a guy and his kid out in the sticks near the end of last fall after nearly 1 1/2 years of searching for one to replace the 78' long bed 5 spd that I regretfully sold. I missed it like crazy and searched for another one nearly everyday. Of course a few junkers popped up, but I picked this one given that the engine was recently rebuilt (had paper work, etc,),along with a bunch of other new parts. It runs better than my old truck and the body's pretty dang solid too, haven't found a spec of rust through on it. OH and yeah, it actually had a title to boot.

The bad: It's shit freakin' brown, (the factory originally went with a very exotic tan color), it's a 4-speed, and i ride on the highway 90% of the time so a 5 spd conversions in order, looks like the instrument bezel was beat with a tack hammer, I think the suspension system may possibly be made of wood or possibly even stone, the original interior was MIA (with some gnarly smelling cloth buckets from an 80's model godknowswhat that ALWAYS feel greasy now matter what i clean em with), the right-rear wheel cylinder is blown, shoes were gone(the left-rear setup is kinda new though...?), and all the Mcguyver'd wiring a guy could hope for. I love the crap out of it!!!  :)

About 2 weeks after i got it, she was parked at my dad's garage, gotta new SI which set me back quite a bit. Decided to get back to it when my tax refund came in. 

Aaaaand that came in two weeks ago. Started off with some new 16x8 rims, new shifter bushings, NOS wooden Datsun shift knob (the one that it came with was a big, hollow, tin 8-ball that was duct taped to the shifter, I'm not worthy of such badassness), new rear drum setup, Wilwood front disc conversion, 1 inch master cylinder, new Weber 32/36 conversion kit, ngk plugs + wires, and a few other odds and ends that i'm surely forgetting. Acquired some missing interior parts; package tray, shifter console, and a beautiful instrument bezel, all from a few kind people on this site. So basically, I just threw a bunch of money at some pretty new upgrades I've been drooling over with the hope that my ass will get this thing going sooner than later. 

Plans at this point are pretty vague, I'm just happy to have one. It definitely needed some front disc brakes, and I've been trying to hunt down a 5-speed with a mid to wide gear ratio that'll bolt right in. As far as paint and body goes, it'll be getting stripped bare over the next few weeks, and finished with some "Golf Yellow"  paint that BMW 2002's sported back in the day. Line-x in the bed & rear bumper. ALL new wiring. Nothing too fancy under the hood yet, Weber 32/36, pedigree tune-up parts, some engine paint, and a good cleaning. Replacing all the interior panels and ditching the buckets for a bench (if i ever find one!). The tires/suspension choice is kinda tough, thinking about raising it an inch or two and going with some 235/70r16's? Not entirely sure yet what sort of suspension setup would be best to use with the 16x8's either. 


Any and all feedback, suggestions and hateful remarks are always appreciated! 


Can't wait to rip these greasy ol' buckets out!



Started taking apart and cleaning the rear brakes today. 



Not too pretty at the moment. 






The Steelies that I went with, even managed to score some Datsun logo center cap stickers.



My old 620... jeeze, look at that gorgeous front valance... 

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liking the bailing twine on the plug wires :thumbup:  ratsun style. nice truck! wish i could find me some stock rims. so sweet.  theres a bench seat that i think is still for sale on the for sale add. gonna need it re-done though.  nice truck and stocked to see this build :thumbup:  

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thanks guys! Yeahhh, that twine around the wires oozes class, hell, that air cleaner's just sitting on the carb. On the bumpier roads you can hear it clankin' around against the hood sometimes. Really wish I could keep those stock wheels, I've always liked that look too, but with the disc brake conv, had to loose the 14's for 16's. 

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