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1980 210 A14 Smog pump needed

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aka a Secondary Air Injection Pump. Nissan part code 14800, can be seen here (http://www.nissanpartszone.com/Page_Product/PartDetail.aspx?ModelName=310/310GX&ModelYear=1980&ModelSeries=N10&FileType=260&SelectConditions=(1%3dC%3b2%3dA14%3b3%3dGX%3b4%3dMT%3b5%3dF5%3b6%3dFED%3b)&ShowConditions=(1%3dC%3b2%3dA14%3b6%3dFED%3b)&seeDesc=False&goBack=True&SectionNo=&ComponentsNo=148)


i will also need the blind plate as well as all other associated odds and ends. if you need any further info about my 210 here's the build thread. (http://community.ratsun.net/topic/42810-80-210-daily-driver/)


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