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SSS L16/18 SU intake


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Might want to check the throttle shafts for wear, looks like the mixture screw on the front carb is lower than the back one.

Could indicate a vacuum leak....or just balanced incorrectly.


Also confirm there is a smooth transition between the 46mm SUs and the 38 IM

Pull the domes/dashpots off and wipe clean...re-install and fill dashpot with 3ccs of ATF.

Raise both dashpots with your fingers and release them at the same time....they should drop at the same speed.

If not....swap domes and try again


My setup....46s on the K14



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I didnt notice they were 46mm carbs.


datto510(Eric had soem on his l20 wagon and they were a littlebit stinky.



nothing wrong with the stock L16 manifold. I run them with no proplems

however if you have a truck maybe its best to stick with what you have as you ll need a Y pipe to clear the torsion bars or have one made. this cost moeny and youll not really get better perfermance per say.

Just that the l16 manifold is ezer to get at the lower intake /exhaust bolts.

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