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86 200sx for sale $2500

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I have a very nice 86 Nissan 200sx rwd these cars are starting to become rare i`ve seen these selling for $3000 with no engine and i just saw one sell for $3200 with 232,000 miles this not only has an engine but runs and drive great has a rebuilt motor with ~80,000 miles and 200,000miles on body and drives really smooth its also currently registered till 09/2013 so will have no problem passing safety and emissions


The bad

*the rear drivers side fenders has 2 dents

*That's it


This car would make an awesome race car or drift car project or is just a cool fun safe car to drive as a daily driver If interested call or text any time 916-412-8357

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I think you forgot to mention that the E brake isn't working either. Automatic?


NAPS  motor..... I thought maybe a VG... I heard the VG in them was the same one used in the N/A 300zx.

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The brake was out of adjustments its now fixed the alternator is also now repaired and its a manual trans and I've already had several offers for $2000 for the car and I'm firm on the $2500 price and local pick up only and most of the dents are out now as well my neighbor dose body work and paint for a shop so he is getting all the body work done thanks for the questions and I will try to upload updated photos when I can I have 16hr school days 6 days a week so I don't have a lot of free time

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If it is that white one, I'll give you $775 shipped to Phoenix.



Cool glad to get a response and if none of those go through let us know here because I do have some interest but no way am I paying $2-2.5k for a car thats worth $750 on its best day maybe if it were running you'd be asking a good price but since it doesn't it's not worth nearly that much I also like long sentences that run on and have no periods or commas it's really cool and more people should do it.


Steve at the top of all For Sale pages are the rules for posting in it. I suggest you take 30 seconds and read them all.

Datsuns For Sale / Wanted

Read First: Rules for posting in the For Sale section Seller



2/ Negative comments about the item or the price WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. These will be removed and the member warned once or temp banned, totally at the moderators discretion. No excuses, no exceptions.


There are good reasons for them. In the past someone would ask a price and someone thought they knew better and would low ball the seller... and everyone else would jump in, even people who weren't even interested in buying, only in bitching. It got so that no one wanted to post their parts or cars and that is just wrong. We're a community and the passing of spare parts and vehicles around essential. Once they are in the scrapper's.... they are gone forever.


A thing is worth what it sells for. If the price is too high it doesn't sell. Simple as that. 


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