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1967 RL411 with 1600 motor for sale

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This is my ad on Craigslist Seattle and Bellingham WA. Email for more pics.




I'm selling my 1967 RL411 with R16 motor. $3900 OBO.  Odometer reading is 83367. Judging by the condition of the interior and cylinder walls and floor boards I have a hunch that it might original miles.

It was originally an automatic. I have had it for about 4 years and have made a lot of improvements and needed routine maintenance.


The person I bought it from took the automatic transmission out and had a 4 speed manual partially installed. I bought a 5 speed tranny out of a Datsun roadster and installed it. I still have the auto if you want it. I believe it needs some repair.


Some of the things I did right away include, but not limited to: New brake pads, new slave cylinders, new ball joints, new wheel bearings, new clutch, new shocks, lubed all necessary parts, replaced the head gasket that was blown. I did not re-use the head bolts. I upgraded to head studs. The motor runs very good. It burns no oil and doesn't run rich. No oil or coolant leaks. It came with only lap belts for the front. I installed retractable belts in front and put lap belts in the back. Upholstery looks all original but I think the front seats were re-done. Upgraded alternator to 50amp from 30amp, this is better for a good sound system. Electronic ignition so you would have to deal with points.    
I did have a stereo in it, I removed it. I figure the new owner can install one of his/her choosing. It does have the speakers I installed so they couldn't be seen and I'll throw in a Denon deck I have. I did leave the 4 gauge wire from the battery to the trunk.


It does not leak water inside. It does not leak water in the trunk although it did before I owned it. The floor pans are very good as well as under the back seat. No mildew or smoker smell inside. Headliner is very good. Window are all good, I did have a couple rock chips in the windshield sealed. Dash has no cracks. Comes with collector plated too!


It does have surface rust. The rockers have a few rust holes. The fenders and quarters have some rust holes. Auto body is not a skill I possess.
The speedo quit working so it might need a new cable. I might even have one. The temp gauge quit working after the head job. I might have overtightened the sending unit. lastly, the windshield washer fluid spray doesn't work. I never took the time to look at it

This comes with a free organ donor car. It's a PL411 so it has a 1300cc motor but there a lot of valuable parts. I also have a few bins full of good spare parts which include new bumper over riders.

Call Tony 360-398-2865  or 360-303-6217 More pictures available upon request.






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No comments on this fine automobile???


I know it's not a 510 but you would likely be the only one in town with a 411. She gets love letters on the windshield frequently. Very reliable, been my daily driver.


I need the space in my driveway and the parts car off my lawn. Go ahead, make me an offer....

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Looks to be an excellent conversion.  Front seats have indeed been recovered if not replaced.  The "console" between the front buckets is a good addition.  The rust spots are the usual PeninFarina badges of honor.  Over all a very good car.  You have the original jack, I asume you have the jack base which also was used to hold down the spare tire.  Fog lights are also a very desirable add on.  It looks like they were an aftermarket addition as it appears that you have a separate on - off switch, not the rotary on off headlight switch judging by the push button on the right of the console at the package shelf.

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