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wtb 620 core support

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Have you checked the Chula Vista Pick Your Part?  They have a '74 there.  I saw it there about a week ago, there wasn't much left but the core support support was definitely there.  I just didn't pay close enough attention to it.  

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I've got a 620 radiator I took apart. I used a soldering torch to melt the solder and it fell apart easily. No pieces have been cut. I did so to see try and rod them out like the did back in the day. I cleaned both tanks iand and side pieces of paint and grease thinking I'd polish the tanks and leave clear-coat the brass just for grins.. Once I tried to put it back together to see if it had any leaks.. I found I can't solder to save my life. I had to much time in it and gave up on all the smoke and solder and bought an aftermarket radiator from O'Riley's instead.


I'm taking the core and pile of parts to Eagle Rock this Sunday 3/17/12 . Was thinking i'd ask $25-30 for the whole pile.


If you're interested I was also thinking of coming down to Ecology in Chula Vista tomorrow when they open and it is not so hot.

Let me know before then.

Trades are good? I'm looking for a stock 620 steel wheels, the ones with 6 slots and the little balls on studs for mounting hub caps. Or maybe as set of mags? Also for a 720 ST steering wheel.

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