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Pomona Swap Meet 7/13/08

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Just got back from Pomona. It was a nice turnout, saw Chris(73dat) and his family there walking the Swapmeet while I was Vending with a friend.

Also, Saw A white 320 there driving the Main Drag....didn't get to see who was driving the 320...But it was nice to see a Datto at the Event:cool:!


72dyme, that is one clean O.G. Hupmobile model k you got there:)! I wanted to Trade My old '48 fleetmaster for one like that way back in the day....But couldn't find one in California! (Dont see to many hupps around anymore,you may possibly have the only Model K In Cali! especialy in the condition yours is in:)! You got one beautiful car Bro'!

Hey just realized.....Think Ive seen your ride before at the McDonalds Cruise Night, and wasn't your ride featured in a LowRider Mag:cool:!

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Datsun Dreamer, you must be the only person who knew what kind of car this is. Actually it is the only one in Cali that we know of. Also it was featured in the lowrider issue awhile back. My dad actually found this one at the Long Beach swapmeet some 20 years ago,and as a matter of fact he traded his 48 fleetline for this car. Yeah we were always at the Mcdonalds, we threw those cruise nights.

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I thought that was the car:D! Back in the day when i had the '48 i could never find a 33 Hupp! Then shortly after I sold my car I seen yours at cruise Night:cool:! Good to know you got her...shes a beauty! Are you still from the Car Club? Used to buy alot NOS parts from you guys:)! Did you make it to pomona?

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We dont fly the plaque no more, but my dad is the one who stared Old Memories. But if you need any parts, or anything let me know. We made it to the swapmeet, but we had to come home early, family showed up here at home.


Thanks Datrod, we have plenty more here at home. We also had a 58 impala that was on the cover of street customs, when they were around.


Let me know if you guys want to see more pics of the "bombs" we have here.


Current cars we have here are 49 chevy convertible. 49 chevy 2 door (for sale), two 48 fleetlines, 48 sedan delivery, 62 impala, 64 ss impala, and a 63 wagon. We have more these are just the chevys

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Will definately keep you guys in mind on parts:)! I have realy been thinking of getting me another '48...Just dont have the time with three other projects going on:D! If you could post some pictures of your rides that would be cool! Heres a couple of pictures of my '48 fleetmaster just before I sold her for my '62 chevy:cool:........................................





Had to take a picture of the old picture to post:)!


Wish I would have never sold this one!

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Zenndog, Thats a hell of a drive you made:cool:! Would of liked to meet you and talk datsuns but you flew right by me:lol:!

We should post This pomona thread next time pomona comes around again so that maybe we could all kick it in the Import section and Drive all the V.W's out:lol:!!

Sorry if I offended any V.W. Owners:D!!!

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